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On February 24, PreCentral's Jonathan I. Ezor, Adam Marks and Eli Gee (aka Mahootzki and the person behind the PreCentral Twitter account) joined close to 30 other attendees at the Touro Graduate School of Business for the latest New York webOS Developers Meetup. While this was not an official Palm/HP event, the good folks at the Palm Developer Team arranged for Josh Marinacci to join the meeting via Skype and answer developers' questions, which he did for at least 30 minutes. Palm also sent some nice giveaways, including Angry Birds hats and stickers, as well as two unlocked developer Pre 2s, which were won by Faheem Smart and Nick (Dropboxify) Z.

(The PreCentral store will also be sending a free Palm Leather Side Case to everyone who attended.)

As far as the actual discussion, there wasn't a huge amount of news made; Josh, while extremely engaging with the developers, was very discreet about questions of product release dates, carriers and the like. Still, we did learn (or confirm) a few things, including that the NFC-like Touch-to-Share technology in the Pre 3 and TouchPad (Josh wasn't sure about the Veer) sends its information via Bluetooth, and that the Pre 3 will have "enterprise-level security," which was a welcome statement.

Josh did, though, repeatedly say that if developers want a particular feature or function in the upcoming APIs (Touch-to-Share, etc.), they should let Palm know now. It seems like a great opportunity for developers to not only participate in, but position their own product plans well for, future versions of webOS.

Thanks to Palm, the PreCentral store, and the NY-area webOS developers and supporters who came out last Thursday for a fun and interesting evening.

(By the way, Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes, who also attended, did a nice blog writeup of the event and the excitement within the webOS Development Community. You can read it here.)