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Power sharing: Evo 4G modded for Touchstone compatibility [video]

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 15 Jun 2010 9:02 am EDT

Our colleagues at sister site AndroidCentral stumbled across an intrepid and daring Evo 4G owner who has modified his phone to work with Palm’s award-winning Touchstone power puck, and even provided a video as proof.

Similar to the Seidio 2600 back mod done by sburlbaw and discussed in our forum, the Evo 4G mod (as discussed here in the AndroidCentral forum) requires taking the induction contacts from a donor Touchstone back and connecting them (along with some magnets for grip) to a Evo 4G back, along with appropriate wires to route to the Evo 4G’s charging points. While the magnets do interfere with the Evo 4G’s built-in compass (not a problem, of course, for compass-less Pres and Pixis) and raise the profile of the battery cover a little, some Evo 4G users may find the ability to charge on a Touchstone worth the sacrifice.

Video after the break, with instructions/tutorials promised for a later date.

UPDATE: That later date has come as promised, here's the relatively painless but still warranty-voiding how-to.


Via: AndroidCentral
Source: Good and Evo