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Pre 2 to come in a German flavor too?

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 12 Nov 2010 8:34 pm EST


The Pre 2 is coming to the UK SIM-Free (and, sadly, free of carrier support) on November 15th. It will come to to Verizon any week now. HP will also be selling an unlocked version to developers and even consumers. So while it's not getting wide carrier support, we expect it to be readily available to people who want to try to find it.

One such person, PreCentral forum member meauxritz, who was poking around Palm Germany's store and found and "accessory," which in this case looks quite a lot like the Pre 2, with the model number 1075EU-UMTS and a price tag of 499 Euro. Looks like it's available for purchase right now to ship in one to two business days for anybody who's jonesing hard enough for some QWERTZ action to give it a shot.

Source: Palm Germany; via PreCentral Forums; Thanks meauxritz!