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Pre 2 promo video brings the sizzle [video]

by Derek Kessler Fri, 22 Oct 2010 6:27 pm EDT

Palm Pre 2 promo video

It’s not an official commercial by any means, but it is a official promo video for the Palm Pre 2, and we like it. With some more people to it to make it more personable and relatable, this could make a decent commercial. Just by virtue of its fast cutting and up-tempo music Palm has made it clear that this sucker is fast. There’s no need for specs here, “fastest” is much easier for customers to understand (when was the last time you heard an iPhone ad touting the clock speed of the A4 processor?).

In just 34 seconds the video manages to round up everything there is to love about HP webOS 2.0: Just Type “to begin just about anything,” multitasking with stacks, Synergy calendars and contacts, notifications, apps (featuring Angry Birds, naturally), and video recording and uploading. Like we said, it’s comprehensive but very clearly gets to the point of reintroducing the public to everything that webOS can do, now "Faster, smarter, and tons of fun." Video after the break.

Source: YouTube; Via: jsgraphicart in the comments