Pre 2 on Verizon misses Black Friday; to be joined by Pixi 2? | webOS Nation

Pre 2 on Verizon misses Black Friday; to be joined by Pixi 2?

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 29 Nov 2010 4:18 pm EST


Count us in with our pals at @everythingpre who wondered what happened to keep the Verizon Palm Pre 2 from landing on store shelves in time for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Seems to us that even though Palm only promised "coming months" for the device, it would have been significantly better if they had managed to get the device released in time for the biggest shopping weekend of the entire year. Still, if you're down with AT&T, you can go on and get the unlocked Pre 2 right now.

We don't have a good bead on when exactly Palm and Verizon will be able to get their ducks in a row to launch the CDMA version of the Pre 2, but we do have another reason to keep the Pixi 2 on our radar. There hasn't been much grist for the rumor mill since we first saw the Broadway (the presumed codename for the Pixi 2) pop up in early October except the codename drop from webOS 2.0 that also included the Broadway (amongst other code names like windsor, mantaray, and stingray). However, we have recently heard that a third party is promising that both the Pre 2 and the Pixi 2 should be landing on Verizon "soon."

25 days until Christmas. Let's hope it doesn't become another arbitrary, it's-just-us-but-really-it-ought-to-happen "deadline" that gets missed.

Thanks anonymous!