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Pre3 autofocus camera supports up-close macro shots

by Derek Kessler Sat, 14 May 2011 4:06 pm EDT

Apart from the bigger screen and wicked fast processor, one of the things we’re most looking forward to about the HP Pre 3 is finally having a webOS camera with autofocus. With a 5MP unit, the Pre 3 won’t take the biggest pictures out there, but after being saddled with “Enhanced Depth of Field” cameras since the Pre, we’re really looking forward to having photos that haven’t been tinkered with by overly aggressive software.

When we played with the Pre 3 at Think Beyond, the software was pretty much stock webOS 2.1 – a lot of apps weren’t even scaling well for the big 800x480 screen, the camera app included. The camera app itself was only capable of focusing on whatever was in the center of the screen (as opposed to the tap-to-focus paradigm introduced by the iPhone 3GS). We’re assuming that HP’s been putting plenty of work into making webOS work delightfully on the Pre 3, and it seems they’ve been paying some attention to the camera as well.

HP’s Josh Marinacci (of the webOS Developer Relations Team) posted onto Twitter a sample shot of an HP EliteBook laptop adorned with a WebOS Internals sticker taken at just a few inches up, a distance that would result in frustrating blurriness on even the Pre 2 or Veer. But with his Pre 3 sporting “the latest build,” the camera focused right up close and delivered a sharp 5MP photo free of any EDF artifacting. Additionally, the point of focus was off-center, which we’re hoping means that webOS either smartly focuses or the camera app for the Pre 3 has been updated to support user focusing. Either way, we’re delighted to see such crisp images delivered by a webOS device. Marvel at the sharpness in the full-size photo after the break.