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Pre 3 catches itself in the wild

by Riz Parvez Sat, 07 May 2011 8:30 pm EDT

It's a time honored tradition in the smartphone world, that blurry, on-the-fly photograph of gorgeous pre-release hardware galavanting around in public in the hands of someone far luckier than you or I. Well, Richard Kerris over at HP is well aware of this tradition and has taken it upon himself to remind the webOS faithful that thier hotly anticipated flagship phone will soon be making it's own grand debut. Sure, we've seen plenty of detailed coverage of the Pre 3 already, and we know it's been showing up in the device logs of webOS developers for a while now as well, but there's just something extra enticing about catching a glipmse of the hardware in the wild, isn't there? (even if it is in the reflection of a bass drum head). And shooting it with it's own camera? Why that's the icing on the cake. Just be careful dangling such a tantalizing treat in front of this pack of hungry dogs, Mr. Kerris. webOS fans have a reputation for being rabid.