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Pre 3 headed to Verizon?

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 06 Apr 2011 12:49 am EDT

To date, we've known two things about the Pre 3: it's a world phone with 3G CDMA and 3G HSPA radios inside and that all the prototype units we've seen have been running on the GSM radio instead of the CDMA radio.

No more, thanks to who we can only describe as one of our most enterprising tipsters ever, we have the above image of a Pre 3 running on Verizon. It's no surprise whatsoever, to be honest, given that Verizon has a soft spot for 'world phones' that can take advantage of their solid 3G network without forcing users to stray while outside the US.

Now, this doesn't preclude the Pre 3 arriving on Sprint (or, heck, guarantee that Verizon will approve the device), but it is one more piece of knowledge about the phone for you to mull over between now and that promised "summer" release.

Thanks, Anonymous!