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Pre Accessories Show up on Best Buy's System

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 10 May 2009 11:41 am EDT

Pre Accessories Best Buy

Jessi sent in a tip yesterday (and it was noted elsewhere) that over at this Sprint Gurus thread, lgmack lets the world know that Best Buy has some Pre Accessories in their system.  The "In stock date" is today, May 10th, but what that means for actual store availability of the accessories or the Pre is as-yet unclear.

The accessories?  Five Pre cases comprised of three acrylic cases, a "Palme Pre case" and a leather case.  Also in the system is the "Touchstone Kit" priced at $69.99 -- a price we'd seen previously confirmed from Sprint's internal system.  We're actually counting this as great news because, as we've reported before, the Touchstone requires a different battery door that can be purchased separately.  Best Buy listing it as a "kit" seems to imply that the battery door will be included at the $70 price point.

Thanks to Jessi and mahootzki for the tip!