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Wow! We've hit the motherload!  Engadget seems to have gotten ahold of the above photo indicating many popular companies that plan to have WebOS applications "available at or near launch."

Pandora, Electronic Arts, SGN, Craig's List, Sling Media, DirectTV, Facebook, MySpace, Match.com, Loopt, Twitter, City Search, Zagat, Fandango, Movietickets.com, Lonely Planet, FlightView, NYTimes, AP Mobile, ESPN, Handmark Stocks, Bank of America, Intuit, Epocrates, WebMD, Salesforce.com, Austin Lane, DataViz, Mark/Space

Pandora we're well aware of having WebOS aspirations.  Their application was highlighted both at CES and CTIA.  We've known about Facebook's deep integration as well as its full fledged Facebook app for a while now and Fandango's touted application is very looked forward to.  Meanwhile, we've always had our rumours and side comments hinting at DataViz's DocumentsToGo, and a WebOS version of Epocrates.  I guess this helps to further enforce those rumours.

Electronic Arts could bring some interesting games to the platform.  Craig's List and Match.com seem a bit odd, but to each their own. MySpace integration could be an interesting development, challenging Facebook's WebOS monopoly. And certainly, many will like that Twitter is making their own app and that Mark/Space is mentioned, given they're the well-known creators of The Missing Sync.

One particularily odd mention, is that of Sling Media.  They've previously said they wouldn't be developing for the WebOS until the OS proves itself (interestingly the particular post where they say that has since been removed).  Looks like their philosophy has changed and they'll have an app ready at or near launch.

Personally, I'm quite excited!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in