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by DrewPre Mon, 19 Apr 2010 3:36 am EDT
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The Pre Backup Service is no longer a separate download. Download the application and service here -->

The Pre Backup Service v0.2.0417 is a back-end interface between the Pre Backup Utility and several linux based commands that allow Pre Backup Utility to function. Therefore this is a pre-requisite for the Pre Backup Utility version 1.5.0430 Want to regain the snappiness and stability of your Palm Pre as when you first bought it? Are you scared to use webOS Doctor? Don't be! The most recent version of webOS doctor no longer wipes the USB partition on your Palm Pre. As such, all your backups created by Pre Backup Utility will remain in the 'ppbackup' folder located there. Once you use webOS Doctor to restore your Palm Pre to factory defaults, simply re-create all your user accounts and re-install Pre Backup utility. It will automatically detect and import your previously created backup jobs at which point you can decide on which backup job you'd like to restore. While no solution can provide 100% garauntee of the safety of your data under all circumstances. Pre Backup Utility provides you with an easily managable interface that allows you to see exactly what you have backed up and the means to take extra precaution. Unlike Palm's backup solution, you can move your backup archives from your Palm Pre to your host PC at any time and since the backup's format is supported by every major archive utility, you can extract/inspect them at your convenience. In fact, it's good practice to do so.

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