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Pre on Bell: August 27, Future Shop pre-orders start

by Derek Kessler Tue, 04 Aug 2009 11:28 am EDT

Palm Pre available for pre-order at Future Shop

In recent weeks our tip box has been practically overflowing with hints of when the Palm Pre would launch on Bell Mobility in Canada. Unfortunately, just about every tip we’ve received was a different date, and those contradictions make it hard to run (for the record, the same thing happened for six months with Sprint as well). Thankfully, it looks like my northern friends can now rest, as MobileSyrup has discovered that the folks over at Future Shop have announced that the Bell Pre will be available on Thursday, August 27. Future Shop is currently accepting in-store pre-orders, so if anybody feels like dropping by their local Canadian electronics mega-store, let us know what you find!

Update: Hugues points us to Bell's own site, which also now lists the August 27th date. You can also pre-order directly from Bell.

Update 2: and Palm chimes in with the same on their official blog, clearing up pricing details: $199.95 Canadian with a three year contract, minimum 500mb data plan.  Ouch?

So, our Canadian friends, now that the day is near (just over three weeks), do you find yourself wanting the Pre on Bell, or would you rather wait for it on Telus or Rogers?

Thanks to John for the tip!