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$100 Pre on Bell

There are two things that we see having happened here. One: the Pre has not sold well on Bell in Canada and they have more inventory on hand than they would like and need to discount it substantially to sell what they have left. Two: Bell is today flipping the switch on their new GSM network and welcoming phones like the iPhone. Specifically, the iPhone 3G, which sells at 8GB for $99.

With that in mind, today the price of a Palm Pre on Bell has dropped to $99.95 to match. That sub-$100 price will still require you to sign your life away for three years, as seems to be the Canadian way. Could Bell soon see a GSM Pre? We wouldn’t count on it, if anything a GSM webOS device in North America will launch on a larger network first, such as AT&T in the States. If anything, the Pre’s disappointing performance on Bell may lead Palm to be more cautious with future expansion into Canada, though we would recommend that future launches be iPhone-style conquer-the-entire-world-in-a-single-day type launches. But what do we know?

[via: MobileSyrup.com]

Thanks to Nima, Bryan, and Trevor for the tips!