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  1GHZ Pre

A couple of big pieces of homebrew news this morning. The first is that WebOS Internals has released Govnah 0.5 into the public feeds. Govnah is the app that's used to manage custom kernels, which are subsequently used to overclock the processor. The new version brings support for the Palm Pixi, although we're not in overclock land just yet. It does bring hope that the little webOS phone that could can soon get overclocked and get the speed boost it so desperately needs.

More exciting for Pre users is the experimental series of Alpha kernels from unixpsycho and WebOS Internals, specifically the very experimental and not for the casual hacker F105 Thunderchief (alpha) kernel. Thunderchief is able to boost the Palm Pre up over the magical 1Ghz mark. Additionally, the kernels enable Compache, which brings compressed RAM swapping to the Pre - which will either mystify you or cause you to salivate, either way you should be impressed. 

Check out the video of F105 Thunderchief in action after the break by BeeRad!