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Pre hits $0 in Canada

by Derek Kessler Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:41 pm EST

Free Pre in Canada

Okay, so maybe Bell wasn’t the right choice for launching the Pre in Canada... Today MobileSyrup noted that Canadian wireless reseller Wireless Wave had discounted the Palm Pre to $0 with a new Bell contract. It appears that the continually discounted price of the Pre in Canada has done little to drive sales, but given that Bell (and Telus) both just picked up the iPhone, we can guess where their marketing dollars have been going as of late.

While it is clear that Palm and Sprint are still special friends here in the US of A, somehow we doubt that Bell has maintained special Canadian friend status. Makes one wonder how many of those 210,000 unsold units from the last quarter are sitting on shelves in Canada.

Well, here’s hoping that Telus can do a better job with the Pre and Pixi.