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Pre Launch Date Rumor Watch Part 27

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 27 Mar 2009 10:38 am EDT

Ok, maybe it's not part 27, but at this point we're not really keeping track.  The latest from the rumor mill comes courtesy of dtokarz in our forums and the rumor is this: the launch date should be May 17th, the standard Sprint Sunday launch immediately after the May 14th airing of CBS' Survivor Reality TV show.  Apparently the Pre will make a cameo there -- we leave the implications of Palm appearing on Survivor as an exercise to the reader.

The next thing to add to your calculations are the exact layout of some tea leaves, erm, the entrails of a chicken, um, the date of Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference: June 8-12. As Gas Man brings up in the forums (and as noted at MyPre), it would behoove Palm to get the thing out the door in advance of that show, just in case Apple manages to announce new iPhone hardware.  Actually, we'd like it released before then because it would be pretty fun to see what might be a significant number of Apple developers at the show sporting the Pre instead of the iPhone.