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Pre-licious Rumors Still Circulating

by Jennifer Chappell Wed, 28 Jan 2009 10:06 am EST

Don't ya just love "silly season"? I sure do!  The rumor mills continue to spin regarding the Palm Pre's launch date.  TreoCentral forum member Vyruz Reaper posted early this morning that he got some more info on the Pre.

Vyruz Reaper tells us a couple of things.  First, he says that per his source:

So it seems that 2/15 is still the date they WANT to release the phone. From other sources it looks like best buy will have them 2/15 before sprint, but i dont think that is correct, but who knows?

And secondly, he heard that the 8GB Pre will eventually be $150-200 (maybe even at launch) and palm will introduce bigger storage devices like Apple did with the iPhone.  Seems that a 16GB Pre model is already in the works, and the bigger storage models will be priced significantly higher. 

Vyruz Reaper adds:

This isn't set in stone, but palm is considering following this model which makes sense given the omission of the miscrSD slot to make people pay more if they want more space.

I've been reading similar rumors regarding the possibility of larger storage model Pre's and also grumbling about this because people feel that Palm is just trying to make more money by making people upgrade to the larger storage models.  And you know that there will be those of us who will certainly want to upgrade to a Pre with more storage.  I bought my first iPhone when it was first released, a 4GB model, and of course an 8GB model was released soon afterwards.  I held on to my 4GB though and then eventually gave it to my Mom.  Then I got a 16GB iPhone 3G.

Now, back to that launch date rumor stuff.  There was an interesting comment posted under our "Palm Confident That Pre Will Launch On Time" article:

I was on the phone with Sprint support last night activating a replacement Centro I received in the mail (insurance claim for a cracked screen). When we finished up getting it activated, the guy mentioned my eligibility to get $150 off a new phone if I was interested. I told him I was waiting for the Pre and he said, quite offhandedly, "yes that will be available February 15th.." and rattled on with the rest of his script about have I taken care of all your concerns today on this call, blah blah.. I said, "whoaaaa partner, back up there.. Pre WILL be available February 15th?" His reply was affirmative.
I hope these guys are right.

Heck, I hope these guys are right too!  That would be sooooo great if the Pre really was available on February 15th!  I'd better get ready to head over to a Sprint store and get signed up to be a new customer. ;-) 

Of course these are all "Rumors", but we sure do hope that they pan out.