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Pre moving up in the world, #6 smartphone in Q3 2009

by Derek Kessler Thu, 19 Nov 2009 4:52 pm EST

Palm Pre Market research firm IDC has for years been compiling data on the best-selling smartphones in the US. While their numbers from the second quarter of 2009 ranked the Palm Pre at #8, in the following three months the Pre moved up to #6. The jump was likely spurred on by a number of factors, including increased supply and price cuts at Sprint and resellers, as well as the fact that the Pre was only on the market for one third of the second quarter.

While it is completely expected that the sales rate would drop off following a major launch, indications are that the Pre’s sales numbers haven’t dropped as much as some analysts have claimed. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 3GS is the sales king, though Research in Motion’s BlackBerry line owns six of the top ten spots (including #2 and #3). What is surprising is the relative lack of Android devices on the top ten list, with only one being the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G at #8, as well as the absence of any Windows Mobile Phone devices (the previous quarter had two in the top ten).

While we are interested to see the list for the current quarter, what we’re really looking forward to is the top ten list for Q1 2010. By then the Pre will (hopefully) have launched on Verizon and possibly other networks, and we suspect that the Pixi may also be available outside of Sprint by then.

[via: Fierce Wireless]

Thanks to Rene for the tip!