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Pre-Order list grows: Sam's Club Discount, Fry's w/ Accessories, Tiger Direct and Dixon's

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 25 Jun 2011 11:43 pm EDT

If you have been wondering what the purpose of pre-ordering the HP TouchPad is, Sam's Club and Fry's might give us some idea. As the first retailer to give a discount, the Sam's Club is offering a $21 discount to purchasers of both the 16 and 32 GB models of the TouchPad, and while that isn't much, it's still a discount for your Club Members to enjoy. Fry's is also bringing a somewhat unique offer to the pre-order table by allowing visitors to add TouchPad accessories to their cart before checking out, which will make many of you happy as you receive all of the goods in the mail on the same day (rather than purchasing separate).

Tiger Direct, one of the largest online stores for electronics, has added the TouchPad to an updated colorful page saying, "Finally, a fun tablet for professionals" with a cute pink, purple and cyan scheme (oh look, Puppies!). And lastly, for our friends in the UK, Dixon's, owner of PC World and Curry's, is now listing the TouchPad for pre-order at £399.99. Interesting thing to see, here, is that they have a delivery date of the 15th of July, and not the 1st. Could this be true for all pre-orders around the world? Or just for this company in the UK? 

In the end, it's up to you. Will you take advantage of that discount from Sam's Club to pre-order, grab a the whole set of accessories through Fry's or let the playful colors (and puppies!) from Tiger Direct convince you to purchase through them? Maybe, like a few of us here at PreCentral, you'll hold off until the device is on store shelves before making the purchase. Let us know in the comments below. With one week left, there will no doubt be a number of pre-order offers that will start being made from companies. We'll keep our eyes open for you.

Source: Fry's Electronics, Sam's Club, Tiger Direct, Dixon'sThanks, everyone!