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Pre Plus now included in Verizon BOGO super sale

by Derek Kessler Thu, 18 Feb 2010 1:53 pm EST

Palm Pre Plus BOGO While the just-reduced-in-price Palm Pixi Plus has been running as a free phone along side the purchase of a Pre Plus, Verizon’s just-launched super Buy One, Get One Free sale now includes the Pre Plus as one of the free phones (so long as the other one is of equal or greater value). So you can essentially get two Verizon Pre Plus phones for 50% off. And that qualifies as a good deal. This BOGO sale isn’t even set up in pairs, so if you want a Pre Plus and your wayward spouse is lusting after a Droid Eris you can still get a free phone. Of course, you do have to sign a new two year contract for two lines to get the deal, but them’s the breaks when you get a deal like this.

Thanks to Audemars02, Tim, and danib62 for the tip!