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Pre successor and tablet rumor mill: murky at best

by Nathan Mylott Wed, 22 Sep 2010 4:50 pm EDT

Magic 8 Ball

Sprint Pre users are the founding fathers of the great webOS community. Yet they have been left out in the cold while everyone else (i.e. Verizon, AT&T, and O2) has gotten a better version their beloved hardware. As they watch in envy as everyone else can open more than a couple cards without getting a too many cards error, they have been chomping at the bit for any morsel of news; something, anything about new hardware. Sales reps in the stores are notably forthcoming with the information. The trouble is the news they dish is like snowflakes; no two are ever alike. The release dates they provide range from never to just around the corner to a year from now.

PreCentral Forum member Idudiaz reported that a "high level Sprint person" told him a new phone would be introduced the first or second week of September. Obviously, that hasn’t quite panned out, but we’ll give him an extension to the end of the month. An HP marketing person allegedly told teejay69 that the Windows 7-running Slate would be out very soon, with the Palm tablet following just a couple weeks after that. Moderator Blaize said her trusted Sprint rep told her the release date will be the beginning of the new year, meshing with what we’ve heard out of HP. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Socoot1 was told that Sprint rejected the new Palm phone. And Mikeydcomment said a Sprint rep recently told him not to expect any new Palm devices on Sprint until third quarter 2011 at the earliest, and probably not until fourth quarter.

These are just a smattering of the rumors we have heard about Palm devices, mostly from Sprint reps. There are also reports of Verizon mall kiosk and big box retail reps telling customers all manner of blatant misinformation to sway them toward a Droid, including DoobieDoo who was told that Palm did not exist anymore and there would be no updates for the Pre.

Just how credible this information is really depends on a lot of things. How much inside information is a retail sales rep privy to? Probably not much. We all know salesmen will say whatever they feel is necessary to get you to buy what they want you to buy (yes, there are plenty of good and honest salespeople out there - but it only takes one bad apple). However, people do like to brag when they have special access to insider information that everyone wants. It’s human nature. So it is always possible that some of this information borders on accurate. The only safe bet is to believe none of it and be pleasantly surprised when the truth finally comes from Palm.

We do know for a fact that there is some fantastic hardware coming our way thanks to Rahul Sood. While it would help us make some buying decisions if we knew an approximate date, for the time being there's so little clarity in the webOS rumor space that Palm newness could be later than most of us would like.