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Pre used to "jailbreak" PS3 [video]

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 05 Sep 2010 5:02 pm EDT

The PS3 modding community is taking advantage of the Pre's open source Linux framework and its native ability to act as a USB drive. Specifically, a user called "blake_zero" on the psx-scene forums has ported KaKaRoTo's PSFreedom source code, originally created for the N900, to the Pre.

By way of background, in order to run homebrew (non-commercial) software and save games on the PS3's hard drive, gamers must run some code to open the PS3's OS in a way that Sony does not permit or support. After one group of Chinese hackers announced a USB dongle that enabled this in August, KaKaRoTo created a way last week to use his Nokia N900, and then released the source code of his effort. Within a day or two, the source code had been ported over to the Pre (reportedly using webOS Internals' instructions for kernel compilation). After following the instructions for compiling PSFreedom on the Pre and connecting it to a PS3, the exploit is apparently able to run and modify the PS3's code.

While we at PreCentral do not advocate breaking either laws or user agreements, we are always impressed with those who push the limits of technology, and are proud that our own Palm Pre's features make it such a valuable tool for doing so even on other platforms.

Check out a video of the jailbreak in action after the break!

Source: psx-scene; Additional Coverage: EngadgetThanks to Jose Acosta for the tip!