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Pre user localizes webOS in Chinese

by Derek Kessler Fri, 11 Sep 2009 11:25 am EDT

Chinese webOS Localization Chinese webOS Localization

Sure, webOS has basic Chinese character support, but as any Chinese speaker will tell you, it’s pretty darned basic. Not to be deterred by such things, Brunic set out to localize his Pre in Chinese (localization changes the user interface language, as well as number and date/time formatting). And, well, you see the results above. Apparently the process was a mostly manual one, though Brunic estimates that he was able to switch about 99% of the UI to Chinese, which is no small feat. Hopefully soon we won't have to worry about users localizing the Pre themselves, with this big international roll-out coming up (with a possibility of China getting in on the action). Swing on over to Brunic’s blog to read how it was done, assuming you can cut through the garbled Google translation.