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HP has been pushing their upcoming Pre3 flagship webOS smartphone as an enterprise-friendly device, and it seems that homebrew might be a casualty for those that end up getting one from their work. In a session at HP Discover 2011, the topic of securing the devices against hacking was brought up, and it was revealed that the version of webOS the Pre3 ships with (2.2? 2.3?) will include support for corporate IT managers to do things like lock out developer mode activation with a password. Thankfully this feature won’t affect consumer buyers. We can entirely understand – and agree with – HP’s decision to allow corporate overlords to lock down the devices used by their employees.

How far that shackling will go is unclear at this point, but we wouldn’t be surprised if IT managers are given the options to lock out things like App Catalog access and Synergy accounts. On the flip side of the coin, allowing for better corporate control over the phones will help ensure they continue to work well and may allow them to do things like remotely push new apps out to devices and perform diagnostics. We’re going out a bit far on the speculation branch of the things-we-don-know-yet tree, but if HP’s as serious about making webOS enterprise-friendly as they say they are, we expect there will be a whole suite of IT tools to permit mass and individual managing of devices.