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Interested in grabbing a place in the virtual line for an HP Pre3? Amazon.de is here to hook you up. They’ve got the upcoming flagship webOS smartphone up for pre-order, asking €449 for the devices (including VAT). That translates to roughly US$640, which we can either take to be including the traditionally high markups applied to US electronics sold in Europe (sorry guys), or roughly the price of the 16GB Pre 3 with tax off contract. After all, the HP Veer retails for $449 off-contract with just 8GB of storage packed inside – the Pre3’s almost twice the phone. Then again, the German branch of Amazon is also offering the Veer for pre-order for the price of €399 (US$570). Estimated shipping dates were not provided for either device.

This follows on other excitable German retailers offering the Pre3 as available for preorder. Notebook.de, for example, lists Pre3 at the same price as Amazon.de, but they’re more brash in reporting availability; they expect the Pre3 to be deliverable in 3-4 weeks, which would put it squarely in the middle of June. Getting excited yet?

Update: Amazon.de is now listing June 20, 2011 as the expected availability date for the Pre3. Edit: Now they say June 30. So... June.