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by Jappus Mon, 07 Feb 2011 5:44 pm EST
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This is the native beta release of the pReader eBook reading software.

It's a radical rewrite of the Javascript pReader found in the AppCatalog and uses the new capabilities offered by the WebOS PDK.


Like the old version, it supports ePub, eReader, MobiPocket, PalmDOC, plaintext and HTML files, but some features of the GUI might not work yet and it also might randomly crash your device. It shouldn't cause any data loss, but as it's a beta release there can be no guarantee for that. Furthermore, since this version is under active devopment, you might lose any books you have added to your library if you install a later update to this alpha version.


In a nutshell: If you want reliability, use the pReader found in the App Catalog. If you want to live on the bleeding edge of development, use this version. Or you can simply install both, since both versions can coexist peacefully on the same device and will use different book libraries.


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