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PreCentral community raises $16,699.26 for WebOS Internals!

by Derek Kessler Sat, 03 Sep 2011 10:48 pm EDT

You people. Are. Awesome.

As we mentioned just a week ago, the PreCentral community had organized a “web-a-thon” for WebOS Internals, seeking to raise $8,000 for the homebrew development team. At the time, the total sat at a little over $7,000 before we at PreCentral kicked in an extra Grover Cleveland.

After letting the fundraising roll on for another week, the community managed to double the initial goal, clocking in at a whopping $16,699.26 in donations!

Said WebOS Internals chief Rod Whitby:

WebOS Internals is humbled by and grateful for this show of appreciation and support from the webOS community.

Whilst HP may be changing direction on webOS hardware, WebOS Internals remains steadfast and true to our original goals of openly exploring and documenting the internals of webOS and providing the best open source webOS homebrew applications and ecosystem for users of webOS devices.

Thanks to everyone who has donated in this web-a-thon (and in previous events) and special thanks to PreCentral and HelloNNNewman for organising it.

The webOS homebrew community is stronger than ever, and we will continue to produce things that will blow your socks off.

Our thanks to everybody that participated, and don’t think that if you missed the web-a-thon that it’s too late to donate to WebOS Internals. These funds will enable the group to continue and expand their work, but there will always be space to show your appreciation.