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PreCentral: on Facebook, on Twitter, in your RSS reader of choice

by Derek Kessler Thu, 04 Mar 2010 10:21 am EST

PreCentral Social

Feeling like you’re spending too much time on PreCentral? We assure you that you’re not. But if you feel like you should be spending more time elsewhere on the internet, we thought you’d be glad to know that PreCentral is elsewhere on the internet as well. Be it on the old standby Twitter or our new Facebook fan page (or in the really old standby of RSS), PreCentral is everywhere that you want to be. Check it all out after the break...


PreCentral on Facebook

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, is where your uncool (i.e. not on PreCentral) friends hang, so you might as well visit every now and then and check up on everybody’s status. Facebook is also the newest home-away-from-home for PreCentral, with our just-launched PreCentral Facebook Fan Page. And don’t tell anybody, but we think it’d be all sorts of fun if PreCentral could garner more Facebook fans than our friends at CrackBerry, TiPB, Android Central, and WMExperts.



PreCentral on Twitter

And of course, there’s Twitter, where PreCentral has already garnered more than 6,600 followers. Our Twitter feed isn’t just for regurgitating our RSS feeds (more on that later) - sometimes you’ll see news here first before we even get a chance to write it up on the news page. And with about eleventy dozen Twitter readers available for webOS (not to mention all the desktop and web clients available), you’ll have no shortage of choices of ways to check up on PreCentral’s tweets. In fact, the options may be a touch on the overwhelming side, but there’s a webOS Twitter option for everybody out there.

PalmCast Podcast

PreCentral PalmCast on Stitcher Podcast Radio

Just about every Tuesday night Dieter, Keith, and Derek get together to jaw about Palm and webOS for PalmCast Live. We know that everybody can’t be there to see what’s going on, so we do record the PalmCast (when we remember to hit the record button, of course) and distribute it as a podcast a bit later in the week. While you can manually download the PalmCast MP3 after it’s posted, that’s just not elegant enough for a webOS fan. Thankfully, there is a whole host of options for podcasting both on your desktop and your webOS device. You can subscribe in iTunes [iTunes link], hook into the raw RSS feed, subscribe with your favorite desktop podcatcher, or listen to our latest podcast with Stitcher Podcast Radio.

PreCentral Forums

PreCentral Forums

The PreCentral Forums are chock full of information, but keeping up with everything that’s going on can be a headache. With more than 330,000 members and some 2.1 million posts spread across nearly 200,000 threads, there’s a lot going on. In fact, as I’m writing this post there are close to 4,000 active users on the forum, all reading, posting, and replying in more than 40 different forums and subforums. The first tool is for the person that wants to see everything, and that’s the New Posts link, located at the high and center onevery forum page. New Posts gives you a broad overview of everything happening on the PreCentral forums and is the best way to keep tabs on what’s going on.

The second Forums tool is to subscribe to a post. At the top of every thread is a drop-down menu titled ‘Thread Tools.’ Selecting the ‘Subscribe to this Thread’ option lets you set up email notifications for new posts in the thread. You can even manage and check up on your subscribed threads from the ‘Quick Links’ menu at the top right of every page. There is also an RSS option for the PreCentral Forums to see new threads as they appear, but with 4,000 active users at a time you can count on a few dozen new threads to appear every hour, so that may not be your best option. Unless your our biggest fan ever (that’s a title we have heard that there are occasional death matches over).


PreCentral Store RSS

If Facebook, Twitter, and the PreCentral Forums aren’t options to your liking, there’s always the golden standby of RSS. Aside from the aforementioned fast-moving forum RSS feed, we have RSS feeds for both our news page and the PreCentral Store. These RSS feeds can be added to just about any modern browser, online aggegators like Google Reader or Bloglines, or any of the several quality RSS readers available for webOS. For the trifecta of synchronization, you can add the RSS feeds to Google Reader, sync them to your desktop with a program like NetNewsWire (Mac) or FeedDemon (PC), and to your phone with Google Reader apps like Scoop or Feeds. Apart from the latest news and newest accessories, PreCentral also offers RSS feeds for the PalmCast and new forum threads.

So there you have it, about four million different ways to follow PreCentral. And of course, you can always just point your browser to and revel in the glory that is the full website. Oh, and did we mention that there’s a PreCentral mobile site too?