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PreCentral Homebrew Gallery bubbling over with streaming music apps

by Derek Kessler Wed, 09 Sep 2009 11:48 am EDT

SHOUTcast on the Palm Pre Is that forty hours a month limit on Pandora cramping your internet radio style? Well, we’ve got some good news for you: the PreCentral Homebrew App Gallery is practically overflowing with streaming radio apps. In fact, we have five different apps in the category, with nearly 30,000 downloads between them all!

Well how about some SHOUTcast? With more than 20,000 stations and over 600,000 daily listeners, SHOUTcast Radio is the preeminent internet radio server, and it doesn’t just serve up live audio from the big boys - folks like you and me can get in on the action and do your own broadcasting. And now, you can listen to it all from your Pre.

Check out five homebrew music streaming apps after the break!

The SHOUTcast app by op9  has both a handsome user interface and supports a plethora of listening features (you can’t broadcast out from your Pre just yet, though that is technically a limitation of the SDK, not the app). The app allows you to browse the top 50 stations, search through by genre, check out your recently listened-to stations, set up automatically updating playlists, and more.

This isn't the only app that's going to give you some SHOUTcast love, though. Net2Streams Radio, which just received an update this past weekend also gets you in on the action. With Net2Streams Radio you can search for your favorite SHOUTcast stations, set them as favorites, and browse by genre to find new music that you're probably going to like.

And if neither of those apps strike your SHOUTcast fancy, then there's SHOUTcast by krische, which lets you search by genre, artist, and song and save the stations you find as favorites. You can even manually add a custom station by its url if its not coming up right in search

Of course, SHOUTcast isn't the only internet radio game in town, as SoundCloud would tell you. Now, SoundCloud isn't your typical interweb radio play, so I'll let them explain it to you through the magic of video:

[YouTube link for Pre users]

To get to SoundCloud through your Pre, you needn't look any further than Cloudsounds. With Cloudsounds on your phone, all you have to do is type in the SoundCloud user whose music you want to listen to and the app will both save your search and bring up a list of the available sets and tracks in that account. Select a track or set, it opens up in the default Palm Music app, and away you go with streaming musical fun.

95.7 Fidelity for webOS Lastly, there's the traditional radio medium. While your Pre doesn't have an FM receiver, with all these optinos you certainly don't need one. But there are still plenty of radio stations that have turned to the web for additional (and non-local) distribution. One such radio station is WBVL and the website is 95.7 Fidelity is a Spanish adult contemporary station, so you may not understand what they're saying, but you can't deny that it's catchy stuff. Anyway, 95.7 Fidelity has had an iPhone app for some time, but with the Pre now out and about, but still locked down App Catalog-wise, they decided to release their webOS 95.7 Fidelity streaming app through the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery. Apart from just being able to start and stop la música, the app also displays the currently broadcasting artist and track, with more features promised soon.

So there you have it. Streaming music is not only a go for the Pre, it's a super go with homebrew in the mix. Check out these apps and the nearly 200 others in the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery (which is fast approaching 1 million downloads, by the way)!