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PreCentral Homebrew Gallery passes 2 million downloads

by Derek Kessler Mon, 28 Sep 2009 8:58 am EDT

Homebrew Apps

With nearly 250 total apps - more than a dozen of which have graduated to Palm’s App Catalog - the PreCentral Homebrew App Gallery has logged more than two million downloads since August 19th. It was just September 4th that we hit one million downloads, so we’ve been running along at a clip of over 43,000 downloads a day over the past three weeks. In reality, we’re well over two million downloads by now, as the Homebrew Gallery actually opened for business on August 5th, but we didn’t manage to start keeping track until two weeks later when we saw just how many homebrew apps you were all sucking down through the pipes.

So to our developers and users, congratulations! Also, big thanks to Palm - we’re more than pleased to see homebrew developers graduating to the official App Catalog and honored to say that we were a part of it all.

So here’s to the next million downloads and the future of webOS apps! If you’re not sure how to install homebrew apps on your Pre, check out our step-by-step installation guide. And if you’re a developer who is interested in getting your app into the PreCentral Homebrew App Gallery, drop us a note and we’ll hook you up.