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by spdqbr Fri, 05 Mar 2010 12:55 am EST
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PreCT v1.1.1 by SpdQbr PreCT, or Pre Cube Time, is a timing program for twisty puzzles similar to Rubik's Cube. It provides similar functionality to CCT for PCs. PreCT will provide a random scrambling algorithm for your puzzle, and will maintain a rolling average of 12 solves (fastest and slowest time discarded). It will also keep track of your best solve and best average per session. Times are stored across sessions. Currently supported puzzles are: * Cubes 2x2x2 - 7x7x7 * Megaminx * Square-1 * Pyraminx * UFO New in
v1.1.1 * Fixed time numbering bug * Added Guest mode
v1.1.0 * Persistent times across session * Start button removed, tap anywhere on time list / scrambles to start timing * Updated timing display for WebOS 1.4 compatibility * Added BLD and OH options * Timing stops with mousedown instead of tap PreCT is released under the GPL V3 software license. Source code (and latest releases) can be found at Send all comments to Your input is greatly appreciated! Copyright 2009 Daniel Hayes

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