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PreDevCamp is This Saturday, August 8th

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 03 Aug 2009 10:12 am EDT

PreDevCamp is coming up quickly - it's this Saturday, August 8th.  Are you interested in developing for the Pre, learning how to develop for the Pre, or just plain want to hear what developers are planning on?  Then you want to go join the 1000+ other people who are registered for PreDevCamp 2009 by registering yourself.  There are events in tons of cities - just click on the Event Finder dropdown here to find a 'camp near you.

We've received announcements from PreDevCamp San Francisco and Dallas (those events look to be pretty large) and have been chatting with the organizers and things sound - well - they sound darn good. is on board to provide fabulous prizes (well, prizes anyway) to attendees - stay tuned for more details on that later this week.

The event is free, it's independent, it's grass-roots and run by local organizers, and it's worldwide.  Heck, if you can't attend a local meeting, here's the deets on the live IRC channel where people will be talking Pre Dev throughout the day.

Want more details on PreDevCamp? They're coming - here's a hint about something we'll announce in just a bit. In the meantime hit up the official site or take a gander at their fancy combined Twitter Feed.