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Palm Pre Halloween Wallpaper

No tricks here, just some tasty treats for our PreDoodle fans!

We've put together some Halloween Palm Pre wallpapers from unpublished, secret PreDoodles for your enjoyment. There are 15 free Palm Pre backgrounds to choose from featuring quirky little Halloween cartoons such as a Chubbs the Chubby Rat, Corny Candy Corn, Little Frankie and more.

Don't be afraid, download them all! (insert creepy laugh here) See the PreDoodle Halloween wallpapers after the break...

*Quick Tip: Saving image for wallpaper use...

If you are viewing this article with your webOS browser, hold down the Opt key (orange or gray square button) on the keypad and then tap the image once. You will then be given the option to choose "Copy To Photos" and save the image that you have tapped. After you have saved the image to your phone, find it saved in the Photos app and then set as wallpaper by tapping the upper left icon from the drop down menu, then "Set Wallpaper".

You can also download the entire pack as a zip file here. Neato! users can click the Neato! button to send the URL, which you can then download directly to your Photos app, where it will appear under the Neato directory.

The Palm Pre Halloween Wallpapers:

Scaredy the Black Cat


Blue Boo To You Too


Goofy Blue Monster


Corny Candy Corn


Chubby Bat Don't Feel Like Flyin'


Chubbs the Chubby Rat


Eager to Eat Eyegore


Little Frankie


Oooing Ghosts


You Look Upside-down To Me...


Innocent Little Red Devil


Sad Little Mummy lost his Mommie


Carved and Ready To Rot


Scarecrow Don't Work


Red Thinking Spider


Happy Halloween!