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PreFects Unite!

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 09 Mar 2009 4:52 pm EDT


For a long, long time now, Kevin over at has been telling me that he has a nickname for people that are going to switch to the Pre: Pre-Jects.  Later on, he thought Pre-Verts might be a little better.  Either way, he's gone public with his smacktalkin' ways and is joined by Rene Ritchie of another sister site The iPhone Blog.  Seriously, the two of them have conspired over the weekend, apparently, springing this on us in tandem. 

So do we take this lying down?  Can we come up with another moniker for ourselves that's not so, erm, hateful?  I'm fond of PreFects myself: it's one letter off from perfect and wacky Ford auto references aside, the "In Charge" connotations seem to do it up right for Pre users.  Another option: PreCepts: we perceive what will happen before it does and also set down the authoritative rules of smartphones.

What say you?  Got a better nickname for future Pre Users?  Let us know in the comments.  Better yet, let us know on twitter and be sure to include those crazy kids @crackberrykevin and @reneritchie know that we'll not take this trash talking lying down. 

What do to with the terms PreVert and PreJect?  I think:

  • PreVert: A CrackBerry user who has a secret lust for a Palm Pre
  • PreJect: An iPhone user only rejects the Pre because of his rampant Apple fanboyism.

If you think of it that way, the image at top starts to make a little more sense, no?  Ok Ok, we're all having good fun here, so no need for us to get THAT catty.  Seriously -- what do you think a good name would be?