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Prepping your Pre for webOS 1.2: Remove those tweaks

by Derek Kessler Tue, 08 Sep 2009 8:51 pm EDT

Palm PRe

We here at PreCentral know that a good many of you have applied all manner of tweaks to your phones to boost the functionality of the Pre. We don’t blame you. We know Palm’s been listening: webOS 1.2 is right around the corner. Right now we don’t know for certain how all of those hacks and tweaks will work with the update, so to remove any chance of confusion we have to unequivocally recommend that you remove all tweaks before applying any update to webOS. When we say all, we mean all, no matter how innocuous you may think the tweak to be. We are doing the same - we don’t want to risk a bricked Pre any more than you do.

If you’ve installed tweaks via webOS Quick Install you can easily remove your tweaks by opening the Tweaks dialog (under the Tools menu) and then unchecking each option. You will have to wait for Luna (the Pre's GUI) to restart after each change, so be patient if you’ve installed a lot tweaks.

For those that have installed quilt patches, has instructions on how to remove the patches.

And lastly, if you’ve installed patches via PreWare (such as the virtual keyboard), you can actually remove those same patches with PreWare. Just open the Patches menu, select the patch, and then tap remove.

If you have installed homebrew apps they should be fine for the update. It is possible that webOS 1.2 may break an app’s functionality, but since these apps don’t change system files they shouldn’t interfere with installing or running the update. Even apps that install services or plugins (like PreWare or the LED Flashlight app) shouldn’t cause problems.

Now, tech gods forbid, should your Pre get screwed up beyond recognition, it's thankfully near impossible to completely brick a Pre. For you, there's always the Palm webOS Doctor. With it you can essentially reflash the phone with a stock webOS install and start from scratch.

Since friends don’t let friends brick their phones, we want you to repeat after us: I will remove all tweaks before I update.