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Preproduction Pixi Plus with webOS 2.1 in the wild

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 11 Apr 2011 8:59 am EDT

A Pixi Plus is out in the wild in Vietnam running webOS 2.1. The device was purchased by PreCentral member mr.xtop, who was surprised to see his phone boot up with the latest and greatest webOS build. Well, perhaps not the latest, as we're guessing that this is an internal testing build of some sort. Why assume that?  Well, i_maq in our forums rightly points out the telltale green dots on the Pixi's keyboard - dots which signify this is a preproduction device.

Does this mean that webOS 2.1 will be winging its way to consumers' Pixi and Pixi Plus phones? Color us doubtful - while HP may have released webOS 2.1 for a few Pre devices and the homebrew community brought it to more, it seems unlikely the little webOS phone really has the power to provide a good enough 2.1 experience. 

Grab a few more photos and details at the source link