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Preview: Enyo app framework for webOS

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 20 Nov 2010 7:16 pm EST


To wrap up their Developer Day in New York City, Palm gave a brief preview of Enyo, which will become their framework for webOS apps next year, replacing the current "Mojo" framework that webOS developers currently use (though Mojo is sticking around for a long time).

Enyo's key features? It's faster, apps launch faster, it's able to work easily on multiple screen sizes without rewriting the app, conforms better to HTML5 web standards, and is generally much easier to develop for because it is object-oriented, has better event handling (with fewer memory leaks & too many card errors), ...and so on.

Palm developed Enyo to work with their Ares framework for designing apps - in fact Palm has spent the vast majority of their time developing Enyo apps in the browser instead of the emulator. In fact, Enyo was essentially built by the Ares team

The most impressive demo was of an email app proof-of-concept (not, they say, the next version of the email app - but we like the way they're thinking with it). Running inside the Chrome desktop browser, they showed how the same app can be seen in a device-sized window or a full-sized (you might say PalmPad-sized) window and is able to display its data differently as appropriate to the size of the screen.

In addition to that, Palm showed off plenty of the reasons that it's more elegant to code with - for example if a developer uses the Ares app builder to make their GUI it will come out as the same size as if it were hand-coded. Palm suggested that some apps that took as long as 7 seconds to launch with Mojo could launch in just a second with Enyo. There were other benefits (that were over our head), but the gist is that the thing is faster, more elegant, and more flexible. 

Palm will start releasing the tool to developers early next year. They also said that Mojo isn't going away anytime soon so developers need not wait for Enyo or worry about rewriting their apps in the new framework anytime soon. However Palm has said this is their framework moving forward and it sounds like the benefits are going to be strong enough to convince many developers to take advantage of it.

Check out the slides after the break!

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