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Preware 2.0 roadmap detailed at webOS Dev Day

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 20 Nov 2010 4:47 pm EST


Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals gave a brief overview of webOS Homebrew development today at webOS Developer Day. It was a nice walk down memory lane - from the heady days in 2009 when we went from the release of the Palm Pre to root to our very first patch (adding pages to the launcher) in 16 days.

Looking ahead, Whitby details three features they intend to add to their Preware universal installer. The first and most exiting is they intend to make it "Instant On." Currently when you load Preware it needs to scan and parse all of the downloaded feed files. In the future they hope to utilize the db8 features in webOS 2.0 to more dynamically and quickly load content as you search for it. Second up, that db8 feature will also allow the app to more easily sync to a database in the cloud, meaning it will be able to update in the background. Lastly, they'll add more features to support reading app reviews and also provide more fine-grained geographic controls so users in various countries can decide which apps appear in Preware.

WebOS Internals is also working on getting their other apps compatible with webOS 2.0, creating custom kernels, helping other developers update their patches for webOS 2.0, they hope to get wIRC into the App Catalog, and plenty more.

Looks like good stuff. We also can't help but note that it's still pretty incredible to us that Palm brought out folks like Rod Whitby from the Homebrew community to speak at their Developer Day. 

Update: @webosinternals has posted the slides from his presentation PDF form.