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Preware Adds Palm App Feeds, Tops 2,500 Offerings

by milominderbinde Tue, 19 Jan 2010 12:03 pm EST

Preware Default Menu for Palm webOS Pre and Pixi phones

Preware is a free Homebrew Installer from WebOS Internals for your Palm Pre or Pixi. Preware lets you download content directly to your phone. If you don't yet have Preware, you can be in on the fun in a matter of minutes with the Preware Getting Started Guide.

Preware now includes content from Palm as well as PreCentral, PreThemer, WebOS-Internals, and others. All that means that now Preware now displays over 2,500 packages, including Homebrew Apps, patches, themes, and now official Palm Apps for your webOS Pre or Pixi.

Meanwhile, Homebrew games are coming along. In Preware, just tap Available Applications then Games to see them all! You can download games like Quake, SuperTux, Classic Invaders, DOOM!, Presteroids, Topple Maze, and Preopoly for free.

While Preware does not offer the webOS "Type to Search" feature in the main menu like the Palm Catalog, Preware does offer a List of Everything that now really is a list of everything. The secret is to start typing in the List of Everything and the "Type to Search" will work there. This upgrade also sports a new Upgrade All feature and a number of new features under the hood. Plus many more features are planned. And Preware can even remove apps when you have no signal.

One last note: with so much new content, Preware can now now take over 70 seconds to load even on a fast WiFi connection. If you don't themes or Palm apps, click the Preware menu at the top-left then Manage Feeds. Then set the theme and Palm feeds to OFF. To see everything again, set all of the feeds back to ON. Make sure you are set to update feeds every launch.

So much has improved that the Preware Guide needed an update too, so be sure to check that out. Huge props to WebOS Internals for the massive update!