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Preware Hits Version 1.0

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 10 May 2010 11:15 am EDT

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the piece of software that has made it so very easy to access all of the great patches, themes, and programs that have been created by a virtual army of individual developers over the last year has finally hit version one-point-oh.  Preware has gone from allowing us access to what was a handful of homebrew apps that were available in the early days of the platform, to being the gateway to some 4,000 unique packages, both in the official App Catalog and in various homebrew catalogs such as PreCentral's very own

Major kudos and a big congratulations to the entire webOS-Internals team behind Preware and go ahead; if you've been a regular user, show 'em your thanks and become familiar with the organization's donate button as a part of the telethon.