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Preware, Internalz adding new direct install features

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Wed, 14 Jul 2010 8:52 am EDT

This morning brings great news for webOS users from both Rod Whitby and his webOS Internals team, and PreCentral's own Jason Robitaille. The latest version of Preware, 1.2.0 (now in the webOS Internals testing feed), includes a new Install Package feature (accessible via the dropdown menu) which enables users to install a homebrew application or other package from a URL or the USB partition on the phone itself. This capability has been lacking from the Pre since Palm closed an early security hole more than a year ago that allowed users to install packages via an e-mail link. According to Rod Whitby of webOS Internals this morning on Twitter, the Preware implementation addresses potential security issues by displaying the real URL or local file path before asking the user to confirm the install."

Not to be outdone, Jason Robitaille also let the Twitter world know this morning that version 1.2 of his multifaceted file browser Internalz, which is scheduled for release on July 25th, will also include direct package installation along with some other cool new features like text editing. Jason intended to keep package installation "a secret bonus for v1.2 release," but after webOS Internals announced its release, he decided to tell the public.

This type of cooperative competition, continuing expanding the limits (and abilities) of webOS, are one of the best aspects of our community, and no doubt a major reason why HP's Phil McKinney gave an explicit shoutout to the homebrew community at his MobileBeat 2010 keynote on Monday morning.