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Preware update bringing app blacklist, Govnah gets more options, Save/Restore backs up even more

by Derek Kessler Sun, 25 Jul 2010 2:44 pm EDT

Preware 1.2.6

The ultimate homebrew app is getting another update, and this one is bringing often-requested and powerful features to the mix. Preware, by WebOS Internals, is currently in testing at version 1.2.6, and this update promises to bring blacklist support to the various app feeds that Preware accesses. You may remember the blacklist App Catalog patch that came out a while back. Essentially Preware now has that same functionality and more baked in, with more advanced options that let you filter out apps by name, description, or even the package ID (the file name of the app).

Couple this with the direct IPK installation that Preware picked up just a little while ago and this is quickly becoming an even more powerful app. The new version of Preware should be publicly available soon, in the meantime if you really want to get your bleeding edge on, you can always add the WebOS Internals testing feed to your app feeds and see what happens there.

Govnah, the front-end overclocking management app has also received an update, this time adding more options and customizability. Version 0.6.1, recently released to the public, gives users a revamped advanced options screen that makes building custom overclocking profiles a cinch. Additionally, UberKernel, the backend overclockable webOS kernel (the software core that interacts with the physical components of the device), has received an update to 1.4.5-74 for both the Pre and Pre Plus as well as the Pixi and Pixi Plus. The new UberKernel now has the ability to detect how much current is flowing through the device, including while docked on a Touchstone. This info can now be displayed in Govnah, so if you’re fearing that there’s too much (or too little) juice going to or from your battery, now you’ll know.

Lastly, the Save/Restore app has received a hefty update to version one dot zero dot zero. The new update has rolled in more than 200 supported applications, as well as the ability to save and restore launcher icon positions and web browser bookmarks.

As always, the folks at WebOS Internals don’t ask for anything more than your donation to keep their awesome operation going.

Source: WebOS Internals, Twitter; More coverage: webosroundup