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Windows - Eject Connecting your phone to a computer in USB mode is a great way to manage the photos, videos or other files on your device, but you need to make sure that you eject your phone properly before disconnecting the USB cable to avoid corrupting any on the data on your device. You will know that your device have been properly ejected once the USB Drive Flash screen goes away and you have access to webOS again.

  • On a Windows computer: Access "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer", right-click on the USB drive name and select "Eject".  Do not use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon from the task-bar, as this does not completely eject the device
  • On a Mac computer:  Just like any USB drive, either drag the drive from the desktop to the trash on the dock (it turns into an eject icon) or click the disk image on the desktop and hit CMD-E or click the little eject button next to it in the sidebar of a finder window or right-click the drive and select 'eject.'
  • In Linux: type "sudo umount /media/PALMPRE" (or replace "PALMPRE" with whatever it's mounted as) (thanks to ashi in the comments below) Alternatively, in distributions like fedora, sudo is not configured by default. Become 'root' first will work fine by typing: "su", (type your root password), "umount /media/PALMPRE", "exit" (thanks to mh3rn4nd3z3 in the comments below)
  • In Ubuntu: Right-Click on the Palm Pre icon in the desktop and click on the "Eject" option (thanks to whitemage in the comments below)

Got an OS not listed above? Include the directions in the comments on how to eject your device and I will add them to this tip!

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