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While many expect that Apple will eventually add full multitasking capability to the iPhone platform, the always creative homebrew jailbreak community long ago added multitasking to the iPhone OS and recently even whipped up a slick interface called MultiFl0w to work with your running apps.

But in today’s modern smartphone age, if there’s any platform that handles multitasking with the utmost ease, it’s webOS. An iPhone jailbreak developer recognized that and whipped together a new multitasking interface for the iPhone called ProSwitcher. While not as superbly elegant as webOS (you have to launch the ProSwitcher app to even start your multitasking card flipping fun), ProSwitcher does bring the ease of the multitasking cards metaphor - complete with toss-off-the-screen-to-close action - to iPhone users. Of course, you do have to jailbreak your iPhone to get it...

[via: iHackintosh]