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PSA: Get HP's free apps without using the early-adopter $50 credit

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 27 Aug 2011 5:47 pm EDT

With HP's recent post to the official webOS (Palm) blog giving away 6 free TouchPad apps, a lot of users have been wondering how to take advantage of this giveaway without using their $50 early-adopter credit on the selections. If you've been waiting for some word on how to do just that, we've got it here. 

The steps are pretty easy. Rather than using the links provided by HP for each of those apps, or doing a search for the apps directly within the Catalog on your device, you'll need to use the below URL with the specific Promo Code attached to the end in your default TouchPad browser (third-party browsers won't work). Doing so will launch the app catalog with the correct promo code in place, allowing you to download the app without using that precious (free) $50.

An Example:

  1. Copy the following URL and paste it into your default Web Browser (make sure it stays as "http" and does not change to "https":
  2. Copy the promo code from the list on the Palm Blog and paste it to the end of what you've already put into the address bar.
  3. When you've got it all set, you should see a URL like this that will open the catalog and allow you to download the app right away: (Glimpse)

For right now it looks like the promo codes for these apps have all been used up, but there is talk about more coming in the near future (plus any other promo codes that might happen), and you'll need to keep using these steps to make it all work in your favor.