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If you’re the type that likes to by unlocked webOS phones and use them in countries other than the United States, we might have some bad news for you. According to posts on the webOS Developer Center forums, it seems that the App Catalog is still carrier-locked even on the unlocked Palm Pre 2. Forum poster Wayne reported that he activated an unlocked Pre 2 on Bell and can’t see any paid apps in the App Catalog. Turns out, the paid App Catalog in Canada is only available to phones activated on Rogers, and Wayne’s only viable solution is to get a replacement Pre 2, activate it on Rogers (perhaps with a friend’s SIM or a cheap pre-paid one), and then swap SIMs to Bell.

So take note if you’re planning on getting a Pre 2 on a carrier not supporting a webOS 2.0 device: you’ll want to arrange to have a ‘proper’ carrier SIM on-hand to activate before switching to your carrier of choice. That is, unless you like not having access to the paid App Catalog, or have faith that HP will fix this oversight in due time - the most recent word from HP is that there is no announcement that it'll be fixed.