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PSA: TouchPad owners should not delete apps from the launcher [Update]

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 16 Jul 2011 5:14 pm EDT

If you've been a TouchPad owner for more than a few days now, you've probably run into this problem at least once already. There is a bug in how the device stores and manages local data in your applications, such as TapNotes or Wordpress, that will cause all Web SQL data to be completely erased after certain steps are taken in the launcher. Note that this is not a bug in these apps, but in the device operating system itself. 

As far as we can tell, and this may not be the only way to duplicate the bug, you can delete all locally stored data such as log in information, notes and tasks by first launching an app that uses Web SQL, and then deleting another app that uses Web SQL from your device. Because users are virtually unable to know which apps use Web SQL, it is highly advised to not delete any applications at all from the device until HP releases an OTA update with a fix, or unless you just enjoy the risk of having your data destroyed.

If there are other ways to activate this bug on the device, we'll be sure to share them here. There is also some speculation that doing a LunaSysMgr restart (resetting the device) while running one of these apps could cause the problem to show as well, but we have been unable to confirm this directly. We'll also keep you updated on the status of a fix, which we hope will arrive very (very) soon.

Update: Ben Combee of HP's webOS Dev Relations Team has responded in a forum at the Palm Developer Portal with the exact details on how to exploit this bug, and to say that they are working on a fix that will be added in the next OTA update. Good deal, and even more reason to have that OTA released sooner rather than later.

Source: Palm Developer Forums; Thanks, Doug and Steve!