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by webos catalog Sun, 13 Feb 2011 6:25 pm EST
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This application enables you to search the NLM Pubmed database with your webOS device. Searching can be done by a simple search or with the use of Filters. The search results are displayed as a list and tapping on any list item will give you a detailed view of the article, including the abstract if available. You can copy the search result to Clipboard, or forward it via email. This PubmedPlus version has in addition the capability to save to Instapaper as well as Save searches locally within the application. The plus version also allows you to easily change the Article search limit. By purchasing Pubmedplus, you support the efforts of to provide you with more medical apps.

Version 0.9.0: Search result displays whether or not abstract is available (this depends on info from Pubmed and sometimes this is wrong). Abstract view has link to Full text site.

v0.9.1 Bug fix. Search results cannot exceed 200. Please reset your Preferences to 150 or below if you have it set at 200.

** Please note that this application requires an Internet connection, and may be affected by any downtime of the Pubmed or EntrezAjax servers which this app uses. **

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