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Qt app platform up and running on Palm Pre

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 08 Mar 2010 3:53 pm EST


Qt (pronounced 'cute') is Nokia's attempt at creating a 'write once, run anywhere' programming platform - learn more here. It's a big deal for them as they deal with supporting S60 and their new Meego linux platform (which Maemo will be merged into). The idea is that developers will be able to create their app in Qt and have it run on both S60 and Meego - and darn near everything else they can get it running on.

Add one more platform to that list - webOS. Darron Black successfully ported Qt to webOS in time for a demo at Mobile World Congress. Nokia was naturally thrilled and blogged it up themselves (twice).

We don't know whether Qt is going to be a viable programming platform for Nokia - 'write once, run anywhere' has been a cruel, unreachable pipe dream to many would-be mobile moguls in the past - but now that it's up and running on webOS, count us as behind it. We'll take Qt apps, we'll take iPhone ports, we'll take it all. As Black noted in his post, webOS is 'OPEN' (but not, technically, open source). Add in that it's arguably more accessible to more programmers than Android and we're feeling pretty darn good about the platform's potential.

We'll have Matthew Miller of Nokia Experts and ZDNet on PalmCast Live tomorrow - you can bet that in addition to talking about his new Palm Pre Plus happiness, we'll be talking Qt.

Thanks to muchtall for the tip!