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Qt Apps in Preware, more on the way

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 13 Mar 2010 10:41 am EST

Webos-internals writes to let us know that they've wrangled Darron Black onto the team - Black is the developer who created the Qt port for webOS. Qt, if you don't recall, is Nokia's cross-platform application development framework, and it's a major win to see it up and working on the Palm Pre. 

If you open up Preware right now you can find a 7 demo Qt apps (Go to Applications, switch the button at bottom to 'feeds,' and then go into webos-internals and demo). 

The plan is for Qt to run on the "WebOS Interals Development Kit," which is essentially the homebrew edition of the Plug-in Development Kit. What does that mean to you? More Qt apps - head on over qt-apps.org for a list of the sorts of apps that currently exist in Qt and start slavering.